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Health Check App

Wooster's health and safety strategy is designed to ensure that any possible illness is caught early and that we reduce the possibility of illness transmission. One component of this strategy is daily health (symptom) checking and temperature taking.

The Scots Daily Health Check is our "symptom checking" application.  It is based on the CDC's symptom checking guidelines. It – and the notification app and soon to come text notification opt in and notification feature  – is a collaborative effort of members of Wooster's Information & Planning team including Jon Breitenbucher, Tabby Conwell, Vince DiScipio, Salim Dohri '21, Ezana Kiros '22, Michael Thompson...

The Scots Daily Health Check Badges

You are ->Good to Go!Close Contact ReportedOne or more Symptoms Reported

Badge ->

Good to go badge

Close contact badge

Not cleared badge

Which means you have reported
  • No symptoms
  • No close contact with someone with COVID-19
  • No symptoms

  • Close contact with someone with COVID-19*

  • One or more symptoms**
  • Did or did not have  close contact with someone with COVID-19

 *  For everyone - if you report a close contact with someone with COVID-19, the College's Contact Tracing team is notified.

 ** For students -  if you report one or more symptoms, the Wellness Center is notified

Get the notification app!

The reminder appears on your smartphone or tablet and in two taps, you're completing your health check for the day.

Health Check notification on iPhone

Didn't get or can't find the email from "Microsoft Flow?" Contact the helpdesk (

Opt-in for text reminders!

You can now opt-in to receive a reminder to complete the Scots Daily Health Check.

Reminders are sent only if you have not completed the survey using the Flow notification or email reminder.  Typically, they will be sent around 9 AM daily (Sunday – Saturday). 

The phone number that you provide will be used ONLY for daily health check reminders. It will not be used for contacting you, emergency, or other text message contacts.

Scots Daily Health Check FATQs (frequently asked technical questions)

How do I get the daily health check?

It is emailed to all active employees and all students who are not studying remotely every morning.  The notification app displays the reminder in the notifications view of your smartphone or tablet.  If you have opted in for the text message reminder, you will receive a text message if you have not completed the health check by 9 AM.

Scots Daily Health Check Mobile Notification Video

This video walks you through the Power Automate App. It show the flow process to get notifications for the Daily Health Check email through the College of Wooster.

I am not receiving the daily health check. Whom do I contact?

Send an email to  We update the distribution lists on Wednesday evenings and weekends. You will not receive the daily email if you clicked on the “opt out” link in the email (which the application we are using requires us to include)  – so don't "opt out.".

If I don't find today's email with my link to today's health check, can I use a link in a previous email?

No. The link is for that day only. If you can't find today's email with the link, check that you didn't delete it by accident (check your "trash" folder).

When should I expect to get my daily notification?

Daily emails are sent at:

  • 5 AM for employees
  • 5:30 AM for students

How do I get my badge?

When you submit your Health Check your browser will show your badge for the day.  You'll also receive an email (sometimes these are delayed because of the mailing application used by Qualtrics) as a backup. 

How do I show my badge?

You can:

  • Keep the browser tab open in your phone.
  • Open the email with your badge.
  • You can print the email you receive or the badge as it appears when you complete the health check. 
  • You can also take a screenshot of your badge for the day, just remember to make sure the Scotty dog and today's date are visible.

How long does it take for my badge to arrive?

In most cases you should get the email in a minute or two. As the process relies on a mailing service that we don't control, it may take longer. Best bet? Don't close the browser tab that has your responses and daily badge until you receive the email.

Do I need to use the App or get a text message?

No. You can complete the health check through the daily email reminder.

I don't have a smartphone. Does that mean I can't take the health check?

You don't need a smartphone.  The Health Check is emailed to everyone daily, regardless of whether you opt to use the notification app or receive a text message. Your daily badge is automatically emailed to you when you submit the health check.

A note for students:  IT is currently sponsoring a "Good Cycling" project to acquire "gently used" smartphones. If you need a device, please contact us (for now, email

I need help installing the Notification App!

Contact the helpdesk ( or call 330-287-4357 or chat with us during our hours (8:00 AM - 5:30 PM ) using the chatbot on our website (

My notification app no longer!

Contact the helpdesk.

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