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The "(+1)" in the "Number of Computers" column refers to an instructor computer. This is usually, but not always, the same model as the rest of the lab.

All computers have the Firefox browser installed in addition to the native OS browser (Internet Explorer for Windows, Safari for Mac OS X). Unless otherwise noted, all computers also have the latest version of Microsoft Office (MS Office 2013 for Windows, MS Office 2016 for Mac OS X).

Computer Labs

BuildingRoomNameComputer ModelComputer OSNumber of ComputersInstalled Software
Andrews LibraryMcCoyMcCoyApple iMacMac OS 10.1319 (+1)Adobe Reader, Firefox, Garage Band 6.0.5, Google Chrome, Google Earth, iBooks, iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes, Sophos, Zotero, Microsoft Office
Ebert109Digital Photo LabApple MacBook ProMac OS 10.1314 (+1)Adobe Creative Suite, Creative Suite, Garage Band, iWorks (Keynote, Pages, Numbers), Microsoft Office, Unity, Fusion 360
Kauke135n/aApple iMacMac OS 10.1322 (+1)Microsoft Office, Chrome, SPSS 24
Kauke243n/aApple iMacMac OS 10.1322 (+1)Microsoft Office, Chrome, SPSS 24, STATA 1C
Morgan217Econ LabApple iMacMac OS 10.137SPSS 24, STATA 15, Java, Microsoft Office, Chrome
Scovel305Geology LabPCsWindows 1020Microsoft Office, ARC GIS, Adobe Creative Suite
Taylor101Physics LabApple iMacMac OS 10.1412 (+1)Adobe Illustrator, xCode, Mathematica 11, Latexit, TexShop, Pasco Capstone, Microsoft Office, Chrome
Taylor205Media LabApple iMacMac OS 10.1310Maple, Adobe Creative Suite, JES, Igor Pro 7, Latexit, Audacity, Canopy, Mathematica, R, Microsoft Office, Chrome
Timken Science Library
n/aHPWindows 1015 (+1)ARCGIS 10.3.1, ChemOffice 2016, Gaussian 09 Revision E.01, IBM SPSS Statistics 24, Mathematica 10.2, Mega 7.0.14, MestReNova 10.0.0-14381, RStudio 1.0.153, SALT 2010, STATAlC 14 UCSF Chrimera 1.10.2,
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